Wednesday, 21 February 2018

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Renew Your Membership

  • Published: Friday, 02 December 2016 09:19
  • Written by Clint Davis

Hey Everyone,

It is time to renew your ADC Membership.  The renewal form is now posted on the website and will be attached to this email.  We accept memberships via the website and mail.  The website renewal method is live.  You can get to the online method by going to the ADC Homepage and following these steps.


1.  Put your username and password and login.  If  you have forgotten the Forgot Password link just below will help you out.
2. After you login click the 'Renew Your Existing Membership' Button.

Alternative Method - print the membership form off and mail it in.

The ADC is excited about Coach Butch Thompson's second year as Head Coach.  He has been working very hard since being the coach at Auburn.  Recruiting is going very well; the future is looking good.  The ballpark will have some upgrades come February including a new scoreboard, new seats and upgraded lighting.

This year your member gift options will include a soft navy blue shirt with the following design.  They are going to production this week and will be mailed out as memberships are received.

ADC 2017 Comp

The 2017 Preseason banquet is right around the corner (Jan 28, 2017 @6:00pm).  The banquet will be held in the Auburn Arena again this year but in a different location than last year.  We had a record turn out for the banquet last year and filled the scholarship terrace beyond capacity.  To solve that problem we will have the banquet in the practice gym area of the arena.  Come support the team and get a behind the scenes look at the arena.  I was very impressed with the practice gym once I saw it; you will be too.

The banquet registration form will go out next week keep an eye out for that as well.  The banquet registration will have an online, phone and mail option.

Today is the last day for Hitchcock Club members to renew your tickets!  Go do that now if you haven't already.  The public already has access to tickets so don't miss  out on your favorite seats.

Also the scoreboard demolition started today.  It will be very cool to see the new features planned in this scoreboard.

War Eagle,


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